System benefits

·Real-time detection, real-time analysis, real-time statistics, long-term stability
·Especially suitable for high-density traffic sites
·Innovative technology to ensure statistical accuracy, stability, accuracy up to 99%
·Integrated system to avoid the instability of the split solutions
·Strong environmental adaptability, can work even in the conditions of black
·Easy to install, will not interfere with normal passage
·You can set remotely via Ethernet and networking
·Demographic-specific software: simple, smart, and can also choose software customization services
·Server interrupt communication between the sensor can also be normal count and save data
·Reflect real-time personnel out of the situation, once it reaches the critical value of the number of regional, immediately to the police
·Optional I / O output modules to integrate with any system, meet the user's different needs

System functions

Personnel traffic monitoring / analysis
Real-time the number of monitoring / analysis
Safely evacuated when the number of monitoring
Wrong-Way Detection
Occupancy monitoring for DCV
Dwell Measurement and Loitering Detection

Application areas

·Airports  ·Market  ·Scenic  ·Theaters  ·Office  ·Exhibition  ·Stadiums  ·Entertainment  ·Public transport facililities

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