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System benefits

·Real-time detection, double safety net range is adjustable, protective corners, long-term stability
·Innovative technology to ensure the accuracy of the system, stability, low false alarm rate
·Fully reflect the real-time situation of the protected area, once the object close to the detection range, the police immediately
·Acquisition probe data for the simulation of three-dimensional image, does not involve invasion of privacy
·Strong environmental adaptability, can work even in the conditions of black
·Easy to install, and can run stand-alone, can also be integrated into existing systems to form a complete solution
·Separation of sensor and alarm module installation, high vandal
·With multiple I / O output interface, various forms of early warning / alarm personalized output
·You can set remotely via Ethernet and networking
·Optional software customization services
·After setting, even when the computer is turned off, can run offline

System functions

Close to the warning and reminders
Invasive multi-mode multi-terminal alarm
Movement of the articles to be protected or replacement alarm

Application areas

·Museology Pavilion core computer room  ·data center  ·armory leadership office  ·senior housing any static valuables protected area

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