System benefits

·Real-time detection, real-time analysis, real-time statistics, long-term stability
·Innovative technology to ensure statistical accuracy, stability, accuracy up to 99%
·Broader application scenarios
·Easy to install, does not prevent normal passage, strict implementation of the principle of single single pass
·Integrated system to avoid the instability of the split solutions
·Strong environmental adaptability, can work even in the conditions of black
·Fully reflect real-time personnel out of the situation, in the event of a violation of the provisions of the act, the police immediately
·You can set remotely via Ethernet and networking
·After setting, even when the computer is turned off, can run offline
·With multiple I / O input and output interfaces for rapid integration with any system

System functions

Strictly access
Luggage left behind monitoring

Application areas

·Airport  ·Prison  ·data center core engine room  ·office and government organs  ·the armed forces and any need for anti-trailing region

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